A 10-piece ensemble fusing traditional Ghanaian rhythms with Afrobeat and Funk music, Afrik Bawantu is led by percussionist / vocalist Afla Sackey and features Harry on Baritone and Tenor .


Harry first met Afla at the age of 15 where Alfa was teaching a residential course at Aldeburgh Young Musicians’ Advanced Training Centre. A year later, and after much persistent practising and rehearsals, Harry joined Afrik Bawantu in live performances and has never looked back. 

To this day, Harry plays the same 1934 Conn Baritone Sax when on stage with Afla. A favourite at festivals across Europe, Afrik Bawantu were featured at the Celebration of 50 Years of 'Outlook' on BBC World Service; a live performance at Broadcasting House. 

The band have recently finished a week-long session ahead of the release of a new album...watch this space for further news - and head over to the Music page to hear them in action...


"The stunningly international 10-piece band take traditional Ghanaian music and scorching Afro-beat grooves and give them a funky fusion twist."

"Afrik Bawantu blends vibrant African percussions to a funky horn section, spreading their Afro Funk energy to everyone in the audience."

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