I have been lucky enough to play at some fantastic venues across the UK & Europe and below is a small selection of the venues I have played. I play at all venues large and small and can play at both huge concerts and intimate parties.

2020 Gigs


18th - Tom Seals Band (Ronnie Scott's)



20th - Tom Seals Band (Ronnie Scott's)



1st - Organ Trio (The Punchbowl, Battisford) 

1st - Organ Trio (Milestones Jazz Club, Lowestoft) 

8th - Trio with Amalia Economos / Michael Bailey (The Queensbury, Willesden Green) 

15th - Harry Greene Organ Trio (The Alex, Felixstowe)


1st - Jamma "331" Live Launch with Marva King 

2nd - Matt Carter Septet (Kansas Smitty's) 

3rd - Luke Vice-Coles/Harry Greene Quintet 

9th - Private Function 

11th - Matt Carter Septet RAM JAM @ Royal Academy of Music 

19th - Royal Academy Jazz Festival ECM Concert 



5th - The Ashton Jones Project - Private Function 

11th & 16th - Private Functions

21st - The Ashton Jones Project (Pizza Express Holborn)

24th - Robbie Gladwell + Friends (The Quay Theatre, Sudbury) 

25th - The South London Soul Train with Marva King (The Bussey Building) 

26th - Private Function 

2019 Gigs


4th - The Delegates (The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds) 

6th - Trio (The Punchbowl, Battisford) 

11th - The Delegates (Mr Wolf's, Bristol)  

12th - Private Function w/Courtier Music, Barcelona 

18th - Private Function

25th - Aldeburgh Young Musicians Open Session (The Hoffmann Building, Snape Matings) 

26th - Private Function 

29th - Barford/Stoneman Organ Quintet (Pizza Express, Soho)

30th - Aaron & The Argonauts (Orleans Bar)

31st - The Ashton Jones Project (Kansas Smitty's) 


1st - Trio (The Punchbowl, Battisford) 

7th - Private Function 

13th-15th - Villars Vanguard, Switzerland 

18th - The Delegates (Hare and Hounds, Birmingham) 

20th - The Delegates (Zigfrid Von Underbelly)  

21st - Private Function 

22nd - Private Function

25th - Harry Greene Organ Trio (Spit & Sawdust)

26th - Aaron & The Argonauts (Orleans Bar) 

28th - The Delegates (The Castle Hotel, Manchester)

29th - The Delegates (The Jericho Tavern, Oxford) 



4th - Trio (The Punchbowl, Battisford) 

9th - Matt Carter Septet

10th - 15th Matt Carter Septet

17th - Private Function

18th - Loxwood Jazz Festival  

23rd - Harry Greene Band ft. Ashton Jones (The Punchbowl, Battisford) 

24th - Private Function 

25th - The Ashton Jones Project (The Cornhill, Ipswich) 

25th - Private Function 

26th - George Double Band 

29th - FiL Straughan: "An Evening of Luther and Soul" (The Pheasantry, Chelsea)

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